Could Mauricio Pochettino be the Answer to Chelsea’s Midfield Woes?

Could Mauricio Pochettino be the Answer to Chelsea's Midfield Woes?

Mauricio Pochettino, the former Tottenham Hotspur manager and current Paris Saint-Germain boss, is a top candidate for the vacant managerial position at Chelsea. Known for his demand for total commitment and his emphasis on physicality over tactics, Pochettino sees the midfield as the epicenter of success for any team. In this article, we explore how his coaching philosophy and potential appointment at Chelsea could impact the Blues’ midfield.

Pochettino’s Coaching Identity

Pochettino’s coaching identity demands total buy-in and commitment to the cause. He places a great emphasis on hard work and physicality, and it is this approach that has helped him achieve success in the past. His belief is that you can outwork a team even when you can’t out-tactic them. The very basics of the game are evident when his sides play at full intensity. It could, in some ways, be compared to Jurgen Klopp’s identity via intensity mantra.

The Importance of the Midfield

For Pochettino, a successful midfield is critical to the success of any team. The Argentine manager believes that a strong midfield can provide the necessary protection, freedom, and solidity for the players upfront. At Tottenham, Moussa Sissoko, Moussa Dembele, and Victor Wanyama formed a trio that epitomized the qualities Pochettino looks for in his midfielders.

Potential Challenges for Chelsea’s Midfield

If Pochettino becomes Chelsea’s head coach, he will undoubtedly look to settle and cement the midfield first. However, the Blues’ current midfield options may not be a natural fit for his style of play. Mateo Kovacic and Mason Mount offered dynamic partners to Jorginho and Kante, but they lack the same presence now. Mount, who has been a favorite of previous Chelsea managers, could potentially exit the club, leaving a void that needs to be filled.

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Solving the Midfield Woes

Pochettino is known for his resourcefulness and ability to identify young talents. Andrey Santos, an exciting Brazilian prospect, could be the answer to Chelsea’s midfield woes. Santos, who is set to join Chelsea from Brazilian side Sampaio Corrêa, has been identified as a player who could fit Pochettino’s style of play. The 20-year-old midfielder is a powerful and technically gifted player who is equally comfortable playing in a defensive or attacking role. At £12m, he appears to be a bargain and could be a shrewd signing for the Blues.

Potential Young Players to Fill the Void

Chelsea’s youth recruitment drive in recent years means that they have several young players who could potentially fill the void left by Mount. The likes of Billy Gilmour, Conor Gallagher, and Lewis Bate are all highly rated at the club and have shown glimpses of their potential. Pochettino’s reputation for developing young players means that he could be the perfect coach to take these players to the next level.


Pochettino’s appointment as Chelsea’s head coach would undoubtedly be a major coup for the Blues. His demand for total commitment and physicality, combined with his ability to develop young talents, could take Chelsea to the next level. The midfield is a critical area for any team, and Pochettino’s focus on this area could be the key to Chelsea’s success. With the likes of Andrey Santos waiting in the wings, the future looks bright for the Blues.

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