LaLiga President Tebas Shares What Barcelona Needs to Do to Register Messi: “I Hope They Can Make it Happen

LaLiga President Javier Tebas has shared his thoughts on what Barcelona needs to do to register Lionel Messi, stating his desire to see the Argentine return to La Liga. Read on for more insights.

LaLiga President Javier Tebas’ recent comments about Barcelona’s pursuit of Lionel Messi have sparked further discussion and speculation about the possibility of the Argentine star returning to Camp Nou. Despite their recent struggles, Barcelona’s pursuit of Messi remains one of the most intriguing storylines in football.

Tebas has been a vocal critic of Barcelona in recent times, particularly with regards to the Negreira scandal. His public comments about the club’s alleged involvement in the scandal have frustrated Barcelona officials, including Joan Laporta, who spoke out against Tebas in a recent press conference.

However, Tebas’ recent comments about Messi’s potential return to LaLiga show that even the most outspoken critics can change their tune. Tebas has publicly stated his desire to see Messi back in Spain, even though he acknowledges that Barcelona’s financial situation could make it difficult for them to secure his registration.

“Today I don’t see his signing as feasible,” Tebas said, “But there’s a lot of time left and Barça can still make moves to get him. I hope and wish they make it happen. I’m a fan of Messi, he is the best player in the world.”

Tebas’ comments have only fueled speculation about Messi’s potential return to Barcelona. Messi himself has appeared quite receptive to the idea, having recently enrolled his son in the same school in Barcelona that his kids had previously attended. He also maintains regular contact with Barcelona stars and coach Xavi.

Despite the excitement surrounding the possibility of Messi’s return, there are still significant hurdles that Barcelona must overcome to make it happen. Their current financial situation is a major obstacle, and Tebas has emphasized that the club must take significant measures to ease their salary scale if they hope to register Messi.

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“Barcelona must do a lot of effort in bringing him back,” Tebas said, “They must take many financial measures and ease their salary scale to undertake his registration.”

Barcelona is well aware of their financial situation and has already begun taking steps to balance their books. The potential sale of the remaining 24% of Barça Studios is one idea that has been suggested, and the club is open to exploring various other options.

Ultimately, the question of whether Messi will return to Barcelona remains unanswered. While Tebas’ recent comments suggest that there may be some hope for a reunion, it will ultimately come down to Barcelona’s ability to navigate their current financial situation and make a compelling case to Messi.

For fans of both Messi and Barcelona, the possibility of a reunion remains tantalizing. However, it is important to remember that football is a business, and any decision regarding Messi’s future will ultimately be driven by financial considerations. As such, fans will have to wait and see whether Barcelona can pull off one of the most exciting transfers in recent memory.

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