Pakistan Cricket Team wants to play most of their 2023 ODI World Cup matches in Chennai and Kolkata

Pakistan cricket team wants to play the majority of their 2023 ODI World Cup matches in Chennai and Kolkata, venues where they have felt safe during previous tours. Discussions are ongoing with the ICC, as the issue remains sensitive.

According to ICC sources, the Pakistan cricket team prefers playing the bulk of its 2023 ODI World Cup matches in Chennai and Kolkata. These two venues have been deemed safe during earlier tours, and discussions are currently taking place at the ICC level. The PCB is in talks with a top-level ICC executive on the issue, which remains a sensitive one.

India versus Pakistan game – the bone of contention

The bone of contention will be the India versus Pakistan game. While Ahmedabad with a 1,32,000 capacity gives ICC the best chance to earn optimum profits, the Narendra Modi Stadium is already hosting the final, so another venue might host the game. Each team will play nine games at the league stage, which will be held in a round-robin format.

ICC and BCCI will finalize the itinerary in the next few months

The ICC’s Events committee, in association with host cricket board BCCI, will chalk out the final itinerary in the next few months so that it allows fans across India and other parts to plan their travel itinerary.

Sensitive venues

A lot has changed since the 1996 World Cup, where a high-profile quarterfinal was held at the Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru. In these sensitive times, it will be very difficult to host Pakistan in some specific venues, including Mumbai and Dharamsala. In fact, Pakistan’s 2016 World Cup match was scheduled in Dharamsala, but due to the Pathankot tragedy (terrorists attacked the air base), it wasn’t a wise idea to host the match at that venue.

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Security remains a top priority

While security will be top-notch for each team, the BCCI as well as the Indian government would like to ensure that there aren’t any untoward incidents.

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