Roy Keane Defends Mikel Arteta’s Managerial Role at Arsenal


Former Manchester United midfielder Roy Keane has come to the defense of Arsenal’s manager Mikel Arteta, praising the Gunners’ commitment to their coach despite a poor start to the season. Keane expressed his confidence that Arteta deserved more time to develop the team, citing the importance of giving managers sufficient time to achieve success.

Arsenal’s Disappointing Start to the Season

Arsenal’s poor start to the 2022/2023 season fueled speculation about Arteta’s future as the team’s manager. After losing their opening night game against Brentford, the Gunners suffered another defeat against Chelsea, leaving them at the bottom of the Premier League table. However, Keane maintained that Arteta deserved more time to turn the team around, citing examples of other successful managers who had been given time to develop their teams.

Keane’s Views on Arsenal’s Potential

Keane acknowledged Arsenal’s potential young talent and the need for experienced leaders to guide them. He pointed out that Arsenal lacked top-quality senior players who could help the younger players develop, resulting in a “softness” that could not be fixed overnight. However, Keane believed that Arsenal had the potential to become a top team if they were given sufficient time to develop their players and build a strong squad.

Arsenal’s Summer Signings

This season, Arsenal made some shrewd summer signings that put them in a position to compete for their first league title since 2004. The team’s summer additions have helped strengthen their defense and midfield, giving them a solid foundation to build on. Despite a recent run of four games without a win, Keane praised Arsenal’s setup, particularly their loyalty to Arteta, and commended their calmness in the face of panic, unlike other clubs that made hasty decisions at board level.

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Arsenal’s Upcoming Game Against Chelsea

Arsenal will face Chelsea on Tuesday, with a chance to reclaim their place at the top of the league table. However, they will have played two games more than their rivals, making the game more crucial. The Gunners have already beaten Chelsea this season, thanks to a goal by Gabriel, and will be looking to repeat their success. Keane remains confident that Arteta has the ability to lead Arsenal to success, and that the team’s commitment to their coach will ultimately pay off.

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