Owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney celebrate as Wrexham secures promotion

Owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney celebrate as Wrexham secures promotion

Wrexham Secures Promotion to Football League after 15-year Absence

In a thrilling match at the Racecourse Ground, Wrexham fans were elated as their team secured promotion to the Football League after a 15-year absence. The victory came after a come-from-behind 3-1 win against promotion-chasing Boreham Wood, with thousands of fans storming the pitch in celebration as the victorious players disappeared in the red mist. Hollywood actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, who have transformed the club since their takeover in 2021, were in the stadium to witness the historic moment.

Owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney celebrate as Wrexham secures promotion

Reynolds spoke to reporters after the game, saying, “I’m not sure I can actually process what happened tonight, I’m still a little speechless. One thing that’s running through my head over and over again was at the beginning, people said ‘Why Wrexham, why Wrexham’; this is exactly why Wrexham, what’s happening right now, is why.”

McElhenney shed a tear, and said, “I think we can hear how it feels to the town and that’s what’s most important for us – I think this is a moment of catharsis for them. For us to be welcomed into their community and to be welcomed into this experience has been the moment of my life.”

The historic small town club has been saved from the brink by its fans, and Hollywood actors Reynolds and McElhenney added stardust and hope to create a magical conclusion to what is the end of a chapter, not the story. Wrexham will now compete in League Two, the fourth tier of the English football league, with hopes of further promotions in the future.

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A Team That Captivates the World’s Attention

The anticipation was palpable as fans gathered near the stadium, honking horns and singing in preparation for the upcoming match. Although the kickoff had been moved to later in the day to accommodate a live TV broadcast, the importance of the game was unmistakable – a victory would secure the championship for Wrexham and mark their first promotion since being relegated to the National League in 2008.

Despite the team’s impressive performance throughout the campaign, having only lost three times and dropped two points at home, there remained some uncertainty due to past near-misses. Nevertheless, fans from all over flocked to the city, booking up hotels and packing out pubs. Even Hollywood stars such as Paul Rudd, who was in attendance alongside owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, were drawn to the match and the city’s charm.
Owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney celebrate as Wrexham secures promotion

The impact of the Disney+ documentary “Welcome to Wrexham,” which follows Reynolds and McElhenney’s first season in charge, has been widely felt. Americans, in particular, have been drawn to the club and the city, with new fans from Ohio, Los Angeles, Washington, and Arizona making the trip to see the team play in person. Wrexham’s global appeal has been reflected in the unprecedented merchandise sales, with 80% of this season’s sales being international.

Looking ahead to next season, Wrexham faces tougher competition in League Two, but the aim of promotion to League One may prove to be an easier challenge than the one they faced this season. With seasoned manager Phil Parkinson at the helm, who has already enjoyed four promotions in his career, and star striker Paul Mullin leading the charge, the club is poised to continue its success. The dream that began with Reynolds and McElhenney’s ownership of the club in February 2021 shows no signs of slowing down.

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